Project 1: Educating Building Experts in the Nordic Built Charter

Educating Building Experts in the Nordic Built Charter

A key challenge to energy renovation of the existing building stock is the absence of a joint Nordic framework for the understanding of a sustainable renovation, adapted to the Nordic building culture and the Nordic architectural history and the values of cultural heritage and at the same time meets the intentions of the Nordic Built Charter. We want to create a strong platform for cooperation and promoting innovation by establishing an exchange of knowledge between the educational system in the Nordic countries by including the professional organizations, the universities, the lecturers and the students. The project creates new value by increasing mobility and by establishing a "generic renovation-knowledge platform" for the entire Nordic building sector, with the aim of creating a possibility for increased exports to other European countries. The ultimate goal of the project is to ensure that future building experts in the Nordic countries are educated in such a way, that they immediately after their education can contribute to the sustainable refurbishment of buildings in the Nordic countries and abroad.

Success criterias include the following:

  1. Make the students capable of analysing a problem, find the right solution and implement it within the field of sustainable refurbishment (social, environmental and economic)
  2. Development of new Nordic standards of “how to” regarding sustainable refurbishment i.e. new methods of calculations
  3. Higher level of knowledge at both lecturers and graduates “bygningskonstruktører” ingeneers, “bygmestre” (at a bachelor level)
  4. Knowledge of the challenges and standards, methods of their own countries as well as of the other Nordic countries. (Make the students ambassadors of the Nordic way of sustainable refurbishment in all the three aspects.)

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