The Challenge

The climate changes as such are forcing us to consider consumption, emissions etc. and demands higher skills and expertise among building professionals. A key challenge to energy renovation of the existing building stock is the absence of a joint Nordic framework for the understanding of a sustainable renovation, adapted to the Nordic building culture and the Nordic architectural history and the values of cultural heritage and at the same time meets the intentions of the Nordic Built Charter.

Sharing of the knowledge and experience that is already existing is scarce - we know too little, and what we know, we don't share very well.

With that in mind The Challenge was launched in 2012 by Nordic Innovation and deals with the refurbishment of common building types. The first round of the competition was conducted in 2013 and here cases, located in respectively Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, were the focus of the competition. It was a design contest where over 170 possible design solutions were delivered from groups from the Nordic countries. The goal of the project was to encourage innovation and the development of sustainable, viable and scalable refurbishment concepts for some of the most common building types in the Nordic region.

Five design solutions were chosen as national winners and finalists, one from each of the participating countries, and in the end it was a Danish project about the Ellebo Garden Room that won the entire contest and the reward of 1.000.000 NOK. The task of the contenders was to demonstrate the principles of the Nordic Built Charter through sustainable and innovative refurbishment and with an economically and sustainably viable future for the buildings in mind.

A similar competition will take place in 2015 with the same participating countries and still with the objective of sustainable refurbishment of common houses, and with the Nordic Built Charter as the framework of the entire competition.


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