About Nordic Built

Nordic Built is a joint Nordic initiative of the Nordic ministers for trade and industry to accelerate Nordic competitive concepts for a sustainable built environment. The programme was launched in 2011 to help realise the vision of the Nordic region as a leading innovative region within green growth and welfare.

The Nordic Built programme will combine key Nordic strengths, provide attractive and effective arenas for collaboration and realize concrete projects that demonstrate world-class scalable solutions.

Over the period 2012-2014, the Nordic Built programme will be carried out through the execution of three main modules. The modules will cover a range of interconnected activities and build on each other.

Module 1 - The identity: The Nordic Built Charter defines the ambitions and the strongholds of the Nordic Building sector. It provides a platform for cooperation in a fragmented sector and sets high ambitions for our future built environment. Download the Charter and commit to its principles below.

Module 2 - The challenge: A competition, the Nordic Built Challenge, to bring forward ideas and demonstrate the potential.

Module 3 - The change: Through a joint Nordic funding program for Innovation, R&D and demonstration projects, this module will bring about wider change by accelerating and supporting the use of new concepts for sustainable construction.

The Nordic Built Charter is relevant in both new and old buildings, but modules 2 and 3 address the area where the potential for improvement is highest: the existing building stock. Through this focus, Nordic Built will demonstrate that the Nordic region can deliver competitive sustainable and energy-efficient solutions and concepts for the future built environment. Nordic Built will push the development further.

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